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Here at P&H, our business was built on our Ag equipment line.

Through our years of experience, we've helped farmers like you save time and money.

We've been building top quality equipment since 1951.

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Fifth Wheel Wagons and Tandem Trailers

Working closely with the people that were involved in establishing the ammonia industry as a major business for increasing agricultural production, P&H developed a vehicle that met and exceeded all of these basic requirements: The P&H Fifth Wheel Wagon

The standard 3-point "cradle-ride" tank suspension feature of P&H Fifth Wheel Wagons produces even load distribution to all four wheels when transporting over rough, uneven terrain without transmitting torsional stress and strain to the tank. Permits safer operation under more adverse field conditions with light gauge tanks.

We also design and manufactures heavy duty Tandem Trailers for the farm industry's needs. These trailers offered in many configurations, with different tank capacities and leaf spring axles or Henschen Dura-Flex Rubber torision axles.

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Fifth Wheel Wagons (15 Mb PDF)
Model 2821T Tandem Trailer (512Kb PDF)
Model 2822T Tandem Trailer (784Kb PDF)

NH3 Toolbars

Totally re-designed, our new Toolbars allow for greater performance, less downtime, and easy set-up. Each model undergoes rigorous testing for quality and dependability, which is our guarantee for years of service. Get the equipment that keeps you moving!

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Model 2897 Toolbar (4.6 Mb PDF)

Liquid Injection Applicators

Introducing the new P&H Model 2880-FB Liquid Fertilizer Applicator. This model pulls together a very wide array of enhanced operator features for better efficiency and more effective applications.

This unique piece of equipment features rugged 4" x 6" rectangular steel tube construction.

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Model 2880 Liquid Injection Applicator (1.4Mb PDF)
Model 2880-FB Liquid Fertilizer Applicator (500Kb PDF)


Save Money
Stop Down Time

Easy Installation

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Bumper Brochure (1.6Mb PDF)

NH3 Tank Water Bags and Safety Containers

Our blow molded Water Containers mount on any sized fertilizer tank in a matter of minutes to provide the equipment operator with quick access to a 5 gallon emergency supply of water, reducing the risk of personal injury from accidental contact with chemical.

Both top mount and side mount models feature large top opening with "quick open" screw type lids and slip mount hoses for immediate access to containers contents. The entire container can be removed from it's mount in a matter of seconds by unhooking the tension spring from the container.

Our water containers are heat resistant and will not rust, corrode, check, crack, peel, freeze, or burst.

Parts and Accessories

Ammonia Accessories: Hoses, Guages, Fittings, Valves...etc. We have a complete line of replacement parts for P&H equipment, as well as other general replacement parts.

Safety Equipment, Breakaways, and More

We carry a complete line of safety accessories, including goggles, gloves, and NH3 breakaways.

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